YES, you really can improve in Mathematics and English!


Nobody likes to get bad marks, especially when you’ve worked hard in class and at home. But why has that study time not given you better results? Maybe you just need a little one-on-one teaching that starts at a level that YOU feel confident and competent at. It’s important to remember that Mathematics and English are not easy for everyone. Many students struggle with one or both of these important subjects. Whilst we provide you with material and teachings to help you to understand your course work and to improve your marks, it ALWAYS requires you to do your part – and that means doing the work.


You really don’t need to struggle to do better. Exemplar is an affordable and easy to use online mathematics and English tuition system which has helped students just like you to succeed in these two core subjects. If you genuinely want to improve then Exemplar can give you all the help and support you need to easily and quickly start to feel far more confident with your maths and English work.


Exemplar can be your secret weapon. No one needs to know that you’re doing extra work at home. It’s something you can do in the comfort of your home, away from prying eyes and peer pressure. You can control the speed of the lesson being taught. And if you go wrong, we help you to find the error and fix it. Your friends and teachers will be amazed at your improvement. Start using Exemplar and in no time you’ll have more time to spend doing the other things you enjoy.


We offer you the chance to catch up and to get ahead in class. How, you ask? By simply providing you with:
  • Your very own personalised tuition system, ready to assist you anywhere, anytime.
  • Lesson tutorials that actually teach you HOW to do something, as often as you need.
  • Lesson content aligned to your classroom work.
  • A personalised study plan builder to help you understand the lessons you struggle with.
  • An automated monitoring and reporting system, which lets you know how you are doing.
Soon, you’ll want to answer questions in class, and you’ll get the answers right! So, if you feel you need some extra help with your school work, introduce your parents to Exemplar.


Mathematics and English are two very different subjects, therefore a different approach is required for each subject. Whilst the teaching principles are the same, the delivery and execution must be different. Whilst Exemplar utilises the power of tutorial lessons and consolidation exercises, a variety of approaches are required in how to use the programme. You can find a more detailed explanation on the Mathematics and English subject pages.


“Before I started using Exemplar I was never sure about the answer and I would sometimes be guessing when I answered the question. After using the programme … fractions are now my favourite subject.” John Williams
“My Mathematics has improved a lot and I’m now in the top group in my class. I [now] get 100%! Exemplar has made it easy for me to study at home and it really helps me in the class at school. My teacher is always happy with my work and I actually look forward to my Mathematics lessons now. Thank you very much.” Julia Prentiss
“Exemplar has really made a difference for me at school. Before we started on the programme, I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question, so I would always be looking down when the teacher asked a question. Now it is different! I want to be picked because I do know the answer. I am 15 years of age and it gives me fantastic confidence to want to do better all the time. Thank you.” Catherine Thomas
“I am new to Exemplar. My sister and I have only been on the programme for about 5 months and [now] I really do understand what the teacher is saying. When I don’t, I come home and watch my lesson. No more worrying! That is the great part, because I was always scared of tests and now it is different. Thanks.” Koby Wilson
“Going back to school has not been quite as difficult this year because I started earlier than usual. I have already covered a lot of the class-work for first term. Thank you Exemplar for helping me through the hard times!” Naomi Nelson
“My mum made me do a lesson a day [in the school holidays]. I now feel really great when I am doing my Mathematics because over the holidays I was able to revise my work and catch up. I am ready for a great year at school! Thanks again to the tutors too. They are always there to help me.” Elaina King
“Exemplar has been fantastic for me, because I sometimes have trouble keeping up in class… I just have trouble with the amount of work. That’s where Exemplar has saved me. Because now all I do is go over the work at home again and I can do it as many times as I like. The tutors are really helpful too! Thanks for the real help.” Danny Richards
“I have improved over the past year in both my Mathematics and English. I am finding everything so much easier. Having tutorials has made the difference! Even my dad watches the video teacher with me and says if only they had been around how much easier it would have been for him. The Exemplar teachers are excellent. Any time I want to know something extra I have contacted the online tutors and they have always given me the answer. It is an excellent program and I am so grateful that I am able to use it for my school work. Tests are no longer a problem and my homework is a breeze. Thanks Exemplar” Marguerite Filmont

Identify your children’s strengths and weaknesses in these two core subjects


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