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Here to help your family, with affordable Maths & English tuition

Exemplar Education has been a pioneer of high quality, affordable, supplementary home-based maths and English education in the UK since 1991.

We have one simple purpose: To Help Parents Build Brighter Futures for their Kids.

For parents who want to actively help their children grow in confidence and achieve their full potential

 We provide affordable, home-based learning and revision products in maths and English;
 We develop and provide related expert support services.

At some point, most of us consider extra tuition for our children. Maybe they’re falling behind at school or not reaching their full potential. Perhaps they’re quick learners and easily bored so need a bigger challenge. Or maybe you want them to keep up their learning over the holidays.

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite confusing for many parents – so let us help your family.

First, it’s important that you decide exactly what you’re looking for.

 Do you just want your children to have a little extra practice?
 Or are they constantly asking you for help?  If they are, then a little practice is probably not enough.
 Do you want to give them a more stretching challenge to prepare them for secondary school?
 Or are you looking forward to GCSEs and wanting to give them the best chance possible?


Exemplar Education offers a maths and English tuition programme that puts a virtual private tutor in your home seven days a week – a teacher who will explain and re-explain the “How” and the “Why” of each step of the learning process in maths and English

Your Child Benefits:

Puts a virtual teacher in your home 7 days a week.
Individual Study Plans in maths and English for children aged 5 – 16.
Working at their own pace with no peer pressure.
Supported by a free Teacher Helpline with UK based Qualified Teachers six days a week.
Progress to each new lesson requires full understanding of the previous lesson.
Boosts their confidence and enthusiasm.
Builds a solid foundation for academic success.

Your Family Benefits:

Fits in totally with a busy family life.
Designed to be used by all children in the family.
Personalised programmes for all your children based on each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
Gives parents simple tools and extra support to help their children.
A cost-effective alternative to expensive home tutors or centre-based tuition.
Uses methods taught in schools today.
Courses are fully mapped and aligned to the National Curriculum & Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Schools Benefit:

Thousands of schools and teaching professionals have seen the benefits that the Exemplar Education programmes give students and have made parents aware of how our maths, English and reading programmes can help support their children.

In an ideal situation, teachers would like to be able to invest time in helping every student, whenever they’ve fallen behind. But that time just isn’t always available. The demands of their existing classes, lesson planning and marking means they already work long hours.

So that’s where our programmes are invaluable in supporting schools and teachers, by providing a proven, supplementary educational solution in maths and English, that’s fully aligned with both the UK National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Find out more about How it Works.

With five offices strategically located across the UK, our expert local Course Advisors are available to meet with you and your children at your convenience to fully explain the benefits of our Programme – click BOOK A FREE ASSESSMENT and your nearest office will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet you.


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