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Exemplar Education Customer Charter

There are many companies offering families extra tuition and help with school work, each claiming they have the best or most appropriate resources and with widely varying prices. There are also many commentators adding to the discussion, from different viewpoints.

This means it can be difficult to sort out the good from the average or even the bad and find the most appropriate and affordable option for your children.

When choosing an extra form of tuition to support your children’s schoolwork, where should you pay the most attention? Is it to the quality of the tuition, convenience of location, cost and affordability for your family budget, ability to fit in with your busy family life. Or is it something else such as child safety or data privacy? Or maybe it’s all of these?

Our Six Guiding Principles

For over 25 years the Exemplar Education group has been providing educational programmes to help parents help their children and we’ve worked with thousands of schools over that time.

To help you decide whether our programmes and support services are right for your children and your family, we have a set of six guiding principles at the core of our business.

  1. We do what’s right for your child
  2. We are commercial and ethical
  3. We provide value for money
  4. We never take advantage of your trust or data
  5. We fully comply with all legislation
  6. We listen and continually strive to improve our best practice

What do we mean by these principles?

Writing down a set of principles is easy. Anyone can do that. But to ensure that everybody in our organisation lives up to them, we define and measure our people and our business against those principles. So, here’s what we mean by those principles in more detail:

1)      We do what’s right for your child
We’re first and foremost, an education company whose aim is to provide your children with effective educational support to help them build their confidence and achieve their full potential;
Because children all develop at different rates we’ll always work with you in discussion to understand what it is you want to achieve for your children and how they are currently progressing, before making any programme suggestions for them;
As children all develop at different rates, our programme suggestions will usually be different from family to family, based on the objectives you tell us about and how your children are progressing;
We strive to ensure that, when considering any of our programmes, you do so with the full facts about the programme on offer;
We will only ever recommend a programme to you if we both agree that it is the right programme for your children at that time;
We strive to ensure that we have taken all practical steps to ensure that you and your family don’t feel under pressure to to do anything;
Our Course Advisors are trained and monitored to ensure they do what’s right for your family and your children’s education.

2)      We are commercial and ethical
Before you decide to enrol, we’ll demonstrate our programmes and services openly and free of any charge or obligation, to allow your family to see:
i. what we  do
ii. how we can build a programme for your children;
iii. how much we charge; and
iv. how you may pay for it;

  We’ll tell you of other options available to you during our meeting, so you can compare us in an informed and honest way;
  We’ll recommend alternatives, with no benefit to us, if we believe that is the correct solution for your family at that time;
  We’ll only recommend a programme that you’re sure you believe you can afford it;
  We work with schools and other organisations to publicise our programmes to the widest possible number of families. This is only done if the Head/Principal or other delegated decision maker has agreed to it;
  We provide a modest donation to them for their time, whether or not it results in any sales. This is generally providing access to our educational learning platform, but can sometimes be classroom materials, etc., depending on the choice of the school or organisation.

3)      We provide value for money
  We are a commercial organisation and we seek to make a fair profit from our programmes;
  We’ll always try to give you and your children the best possible experience we can;
  Whilst we are neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive, we always seek to provide the best value by making our programmes accessible to as many families as possible and ensuring your family gets the appropriate resources to provide the outcomes discussed with you;
  We’ll ensure that you have a choice as to how you can pay for recommended programme;
  We’ll always make sure that, before making your final decision, you fully understand what you’re undertaking;
  We regularly contact families using our programmes, to ensure they’re getting the best use and results from them and that nothing’s gone wrong. If it has, we do our best to fix it.

4)      We never take advantage of your trust or your data
  We never buy children’s data of any type from schools or anyone. Ever.
  The only data we receive is provided by parents, from online or paper forms you may have filled out and sent to us, or when enrolling your children on the programme;
We will never sell on, share or give away any data you have given to us, to anyone else, except to specific contracted third-parties who provide services available on the Exemplar System on our behalf.
We will always ask for and get your agreement to use your data for communicating with you, for providing educational support to your children and we only ask for the data we reasonably need to do that
If you wish to decline an invitation from us, we do not ask for any family or children’s details, just a simple “No Thank You”

If you ask us not to contact you at a number or email you’ve given us, we won’t.

5)      We comply with legislation and strive for best practice
We maintain registration with all government and regulatory bodies that are relevant to what we do and follow their codes of practice;
We comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable to our business;
If contacted about an issue, we will always work to try and resolve matters in a timely, fair, reasonable and honest way.

6)      We listen and continually try to improve
We try to ensure that we’re always professional in dealing with our customers and others;
We continually look for improvements, large or small;
We provide easy to use ways for you to get in touch with us, via phone, email, social media and the Contact Us page on our website here;
We try to use every issue that arises as an opportunity to review and improve what we do and enhance your and your children’s experience of our programmes and service;
We operate ongoing monitoring and training programmes for those who work for us and strive to ensure they can provide the best possible experience for you and your children.

If you have any questions about this Customer Charter please contact us by email to or on our Contact Us page here

Affordability and our Customer Clarification & Satisfaction Document

Finally, if you do decide to enrol in a programme from us, we will always confirm with you that it is affordable for you and your family.

But we are also very conscious that many people are busy and do not read the small print in everything they sign, even if they are emailed a copy as well.

So we also make sure that alongside the formal documents, everyone who buys a programme from us is given a simple, one-page plain English statement with 9 points on it.  We call it a Customer Clarification & Satisfaction Document.

We ask you to initial each statement individually once you have read it, just to be sure that everything is clear and acceptable to you.

A copy can be found here Exemplar Education Customer Clarification & Satisfaction

Last Updated: April 2018



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