With six weeks of no school, it’s easy to banish all thoughts of next term with a sigh of relief.  But it’s wise to plan ahead a little.  Here are a few tips that will help smooth the way through to the next school year.

Get your payments in check

With the majority of schools moving over to cashless systems, it’s vital you plan ahead for when your child returns to school.  Set that reminder now to book school lunches for the first week back, pay for any clubs or contributions and heave a sigh of relief as you strike it off your to do list. With some schools asking for lunch bookings a week in advance there’s nothing worse than trying to put together a packed lunch the night before, because you forgot to order their hot lunch. Take advantage of the sales   It’s never too early to stock up on school uniform and school shoes. With most retailers offering a 28 day returns policy – though it’s important to check this is still valid for sale goods – take advantage of the sales and stock up early to avoid the mad rush in the last two weeks of the holidays. If your child is between shoe sizes, buy their existing size and the next half or whole size up.  You can always take them back, but you know that if you don’t they’re bound to have sold out by the time you actually need them. School uniform from school As with payments going online, most schools also have an online school uniform shop.  To avoid missing out you generally have to order by the end of July or beginning of August to receive items in time for the new school term.  Be aware that prime sizes for the new school term can also sell out, so the earlier the better for those items you can’t pick up from your local store. Name labels Don’t worry, we shuddered reading that as well, but it is now easier than ever to name your child’s shoes, socks and jumpers.  Iron-on labels or sticky labels are all available to order with your child’s name on and even a good old Sharpie can be a quick and simple solution. Quick tip: don’t add your child’s class as the chances are that cardigans or jumpers may still fit next term and you’ll have to re-label or scribble it out.