School bags are expensive, and Mums often find they’re spending more on our child’s backpack then we do our own handbag!  You probably bought one in September so chances are it’s still okay for now.   But with the January sales coming up there can be great bargains, up to half price or more, maybe to save for next year.

First decide what bag is going to be practical?  Many seniors have to carry a huge number of books with them, plus a PE kit, so you’ll need a bag that’s big enough, hard-wearing and stylish.  We’ve picked our top 5 brands


Loved by boys and girls, especially teens, Hype offer a great selection of backpacks. If you can get your kids to wear them with both straps, they will also protect their backs.  They’re big enough to carry A4 sized books and some are waterproof.

They tend to retail around £30, but they often run half price sales.  So keep an eye on their site and join the mailing list. They also often give away a free pencil case.


Beloved more by girls than boys, the stationery paradise offers all types of backpacks and of course, with a matching pencil case and water bottle.

They come in two sizes, which provides options for children of all ages.  They even do backpacks with a fragrance!

Their backpacks aren’t cheap with a starting point of around £30, but if you’re a new customer you can sign up to receive a 20% discount.  They also have a sale page where you can pick up a bargain from last season and be sure to keep an eye on the sales.


Disney Store is now ShopDisney which means it encompasses a greater range of brands, not just Disney Store.

Great for younger children, but now with their expanded range, older children as well.  They even do an adult’s range.

For the best discounts follow their Facebook pages including ShopDisney and DisneyJunior, which is usually where they announce discounts first.  You can also check voucher code sites as they often have deals on.  O2 priority also often have a 20% off code.


One for the older kids, but there also some Juniors options.  The cult brand has a whole host of backpacks in sequins, metallics and patterns.  They’re also big enough to house everything your child needs to lug to school and often have handy front pockets.

They’re an investment at around £40, but again, check for discount codes, stay close to their social media and also look at third party suppliers which can often have big brand sales.

La Redoute

The French fashion brand has a whole heap of labels and regularly has sales, 40% or even 50% off sales.  They also have a credit facility, which is great when you’ve just shelled out for Christmas!  Just pay it off as quickly as possible, as their interest rates are high.

La Redoute often have a 40% off sale which applies on brands from Nike to Adidas and Superdry, Quicksilver and Vans, there’s something for everyone of every age.