For many, the New Year brings with it goals of getting fit and getting back in shape. However, when you have a family, this can feel like an almost impossible goal. Running around to clubs, working, cleaning and having a social life doesn’t leave much time for fitness.  But we’ve found some clever hacks that mean you can get your daily or weekly dose of cardio.

Buggy fitness

Buggy fitness classes are a great way of mixing with other mums, getting fit and getting out of the house.  More and more have popped up around the UK and they’re a great way to be able to keep fit while your big one is at school and little one is still in the buggy.  Classes are around the UK and the best place to find them is either on Google or Facebook.

Walk to school

Simply leaving the car at home and walking to school will help burn the calories.  If you have to drive, try parking a few streets away so you can still get some fresh air in the morning, or get off the bus one stop earlier so you can stretch your legs.

If the kids are slow, hop on the scooters or bikes or even get a bike buddy where the kids can sit in the side car at the back while you peddle.


Time is so precious and none of us have enough of it, which is why multi-tasking comes into play so often and is vital for being able to fit in some exercise.  While your kids are in their swimming class, see if there’s a gym that you can do a quick twenty-minute on the treadmill while they’re learning front crawl or backstroke.  If you still want to watch your little ones show off in the pool, see if your local gym has a crèche.

While the kids are getting fit, you get the chance to have your own thirty minutes.  A lot of council-run clubs also offer great family memberships and discounts if your child attends a club already at the centre.

Staying fit will keep your energy levels up, help you to sleep better and improve your immune system so you’re better able to cope with a busy family life.