To quote Mr Incredible from Incredibles 2, Math is Math, but I’m pretty sure any parents with kids currently at school will tell you, Maths isn’t what it used to be and the way we were taught is a far cry from the grid method.  Here are our tips on how to swot up and get some ‘new math’ under your belt.


There are several different types of learners, those that listen and can do, those that have to be shown and those that can watch.  YouTube is a great resource and combines all three learning styles.  Simply put into YouTube Key Stage 2 maths equation or how to solve x divided by x and a tutorial will come up to help.

National Numeracy scheme

The National Numeracy scheme offers a free online tool to help you improve your maths, it also offers resources for your child that you can do together.  They even offer help for groups so if you and your parent friends are all struggling, you can all get together and help each other.

School open evenings

A lot of primary and junior schools will offer parent trainer evenings where the teachers will teach you how they teach the children in class.

These evenings are vital in helping you to understand the terminology your child is learning in class. Simply things like saying ‘addition’ rather than ‘adding up’ can really confuse your child.  By getting the terms right, it will give your child confidence that a) you know what you’re talking about and b) that you’re engaged in their learning – even if you’re not on the inside.

Ask for help

If Maths was never your strong point and you really struggle, speak to your school and see if they can allow you in the classroom during a maths lesson, or if they can give you explainer sheets for new topics before they cover them in class, so you can get ahead and know what they’ll be doing next term.

It can be hugely daunting to admit that you need help, but teachers are used to it and will be happy to help, especially as it will ultimately make their life easier!