Oh, the joy of that letter in the school bag – the home learning project!  Your palms start to sweat just a little as your child tells you all about the elaborate boat they want to make, model of the Titanic, Roman shield or volcano cake.  But worry not, there’s a heap of inspiration online that can help.


Oh, Pinterest, let us count the ways we love you.  Type in pretty much any class project and up will pop hundreds of wonderful creations, often with steps to follow. Blue Peter eat your heart out!


If you’re more of a visual/explainer person and looking at pictures will just confuse you, YouTube is your friend.  Again, simply search for what it is you want to make and watch another parent make it.

Tasty and partners

Tasty, Blossom, Tasty for kids and many more are Facebook pages and YouTube channels which feature great craft activities you can do with your child.  They’re shown in a video, they list the ingredients and they’re usually super simple.  Even if they don’t have the exact thing you’re making, they may have tips for working with a material that just might do the job.


Never discount a good kit.  National Geographic, Hobbycraft and many more often sell mosaic kits and even boat building kits or polystyrene versions you can decorate. They also stock a heap of cake decorating supplies and even run classes on different crafts.

A final note.  The pressure to keep up and create that amazing ship you know Billy’s Dad has spent weeks creating, while little Billy isn’t actually allowed to touch it other than to pass the glue, is not what the teachers want to see.

The Coke bottle painted by hand with the paper sail that Katy did herself, with her Mum and Dad on hand to pass the glue, will be far more appreciated.  Home learning isn’t about being the best, it’s about time spent as a family creating a fun project.