Part 2 (Here’s part 1)

In  part 1 of this blog I described how I could relate to Dori and her shortterm focus in my daily struggles and how I overcome them.  

But I also relate to Nemo’s dad sometimes, too That’s when I set my long-term goals and I must keep my mind focused and my body moving towards it.  My day has a lot of short-term tasks such as house chores, getting my daughter dressed, taking the dog for a walk in the morning, choosing a healthy snack over chocolate and getting to work in time.  They are all Dori-like achievements, but they all go towards the long-term ones.  

My bigger goals are seeing my daughter thrive and grow over time, living a happy and healthy family life and progressing in my career.  

Marlin may have felt like a big parent failure sometimes.  I get it.  I feel it too.  I have never lost my child, but I have dropped her in the bath, I have forgotten to feed her, I have neglected her crying a few times.  The list is endless. I am not perfect.  Neither was the overprotective Marlin 

As a parent we try to control everything to make sure our children have the best life.  We try to balance the exciting adventures with the daily “Go, do your homework” reminders.  We try to show them the way while they challenge us to find new ways.  

I understand Marlin. He just wanted to keep Nemo safe.  We all know the story and we all have our Nemos trying to swim across the coral reef.  What I love about Marlin is how he broke his barriers for Nemo.  He went across the ocean to find his son.  He would never give up.  We never give up for our children.  

Sometimes we get lost along the way to something greater.  Nemo’s dad got lost, but he fought back and found Nemo.  Sometimes I think I can’t manage to pay one more bill for my child’s needs and I seriously consider just saying no Why does she need music lessons anyway?  Then I remember Nemo’s dad and I wiggle.  I shop cheaper, I forget about my sowanted new pair of boots.  I make my own coffee instead of buying it on the go.  Which, by the way, is the new fashion now and I gladly give her the extra music lesson That’s what makes her happy. That’s what’s best for her future, so it makes me happier. 

What happens is that for my daughterlike Nemo’s dad, I will go the extra mile.  I do what it takes.  I know that the minutes I give her every day helping her with her studies, or just cuddles and spending some fun time together will make her future brighter.  

Motivation is being ready for action. It is the willingness to do what it takes.  That may be the completion of little tasks giving us daily pills of joy like Dori’s little achievements  Or it may be working hard and never giving up because you know that you must get to the end of something.  

In fact, after I became a Mum, I found myself a lot more motivated to do things Sometimes it’s hard to keep it going, but we are parents and we keep on swimming.  We must find Nemo.