Jewellery can be such a great way to craft with your kids, make presents and just have fun mixing lots of materials, colours and shapes.  Here are our favourites:  

Friendship bracelets  

The colourful bracelets that were all the craze in the 90s have never really gone away.  They’re simple to make and can be made with any number of colours and different types of wool or thread.  

The basic principle is to take at least six strands of thread, ideally in different colours. Tie a knot at the top and then thread a safety pin through the knot and attach it to a cushion.  The cushion allows you to put your work down when you need to pause, or to carry it around without unravelling your bracelet.  

Then there are several different ways you can do this, but to start with the basics, you just need to make a number 4 shape.  

Take two of the six pieces of string, start from left to right. Take the second string from the left and hold it firm.   

Then, take the left-hand string and make a number 4 shape.  Tuck the end up through the 4 and pull.  In knotting terms this is known as a half-hitch 

Do this twice to make one knot.  Here’s a great video that will show you all the different types on knots you can make 

Leaf earrings  

For these you’ll need some air-dry clay, earring hooks, leaves, paint, glitter and PVA glue.  

First make sure your leaves are clean and of a size that will work as an earring.  Then, take some air-dry clay and roll it out to around 6mm thick.  

Place the leaf on top of the clay and press down firmly so that the pattern will make an impression.  Cut around the outline of the leaf and place the earring hook into the top of the clay. Leave to dry.  

Once dry, carefully peel off the leaf from the clay. You should be left with an impression of the leaf.  

Now, get creative. Paint your leaves any colour you wish, add glitter and when dry, finish with a slick of PVA to seal everything in and add a shiny finish. If you don’t have pierced ears, you can buy clip backs which you can fix to the leaf with hot glue.  

String necklaces  

For this you’ll need a hot glue gun, thin wool, glue for the hot glue gun, greaseproof paper and also beads, if you wish.  

First, lay out the greaseproof paper on a tray.  Using a pencil, sketch out the pattern you want to create, swirls are easy to achieve as are spiky shapes. You’re making a choker style so make sure the design will cover the front of your neck.  

Then, take the wool and place it over the top of the hot glue stick and all the way down to the end with enough hanging out the end to make your design.  

Then, carefully insert the glue stick, with the wool, into your glue gun.  Turn on and carefully start to draw out your design with the glue which will bring the wool down with it.  

When you’ve finished, cut off the string and press until it’s full out. Cut off any excess.  

Then, get two lengths of ribbon and stick to each side of your design with a blob of hot glue, add a jewel or bead on top to hide the join if you wish.  

Wait for the design to cool and dry then carefully peel off the paper. Trim any excess and fasten.  

Button necklaces  

Do you remember your mum or gran having a button box?  It may not be as common now, but you can still pick up amazing buttons in all shapes and sizes and colours.  They’re super tactile and great fun to play with.  

You’ll need a blunt needle (a plastic one is great, just make sure it is small enough to thread through the buttonholes) and cotton or embroidery thread for the base of your necklace.  You can either use one strand, or two.  

Tie the cotton together at one end, if you’re using two stands, or just tie a knot in the one piece and tread through a safety pin. Attach it to a cushion.  

Now, simply thread on your buttons.  If you’re using two strands, and you want a bit of space between each button, tie a knot around each button, then add the next one. Mix and match shapes, sizes and colours for a funky pattern. You can also turn the buttons on their side if you wish or place them all close together.  

We hope there’s a craft here you’ll love.  Why not show us your results on social?