Despite the fact that our children spend more time in their school uniform than anything else, we can still begrudge the expense. Let’s face it, buying yet another pair of white socks isn’t as fun as a cute dress or jumper. But there are ways of bagging some great deals.


If you have to shop, at least get something back. Topcashback and Quidco both offer great cashback rates for most high street stores including Marks and Spencer.  Add this up for the year and you could have a handy sum for September.

Discount sites

Before you buy anything, check sites like voucher codes and HotUK deals for discounts.  Sites often offer a percentage off your first purchase.  If there is a code, stock up, especially on the essentials like polo shirts and socks. Marks and Spencer always have a 20% period, so it’s worth looking out for those.


Supermarkets are great for uniform. Their sizes can be a little off sometimes, but they’re starting to offer different styles which work for different bodies.  Again, watch for sales, especially at the end of the Summer, when the Summer dresses go on sale.  Stock up for a few years and store them in a vacuum bag. Sainsburys often have a half-price sale and dresses can be as low as £2.50.

Check the sales early

Even if you don’t need uniform right now, always check the sales, especially for essentials and always for the next season.  You’ll often find winter skirts and trousers for sale in the Summer so stock up.

Local buy and sell sites

These are a great place to request and buy local schoolwear.  They’re also a great place to sell items which no longer fit and make cash for the next term’s items.

School uniform sales

It’s also wise to check if your local school has a second-hand uniform Facebook page or day which they sell off uniform. This can be a great time to stock up, but also to sell off items you no longer need.

Team up

If there’s a few of you in your friendship group, it’s also worth considering ordering in bulk and splitting the order, not only saving on postage but also splitting larger packs of polo shirts or splitting with a friend if PE shorts come in packs of two.