The October Half Term is creeping up on us – hasn’t the summer gone quickly?! Whilst it may feel like a week is a very short amount of time (compared to the summer holidays for example!) it can be surprisingly difficult to keep your children entertained. There’s nothing like a little planning ahead to save your children uttering the phrase every parent dreads to hear…”I’m bored”.

With the days getting shorter and the weather colder, it can be particularly difficult to keep your children busy for the week, even with all the Halloween excitement thrown in – so, we thought we’d help you out! We’ve got you covered with a list of Half Term activities that promise to keep the whole family entertained. As the weather in October can be notoriously unpredictable, we’ve derived a list of both indoor and outdoor activities to cover you!

Why not try some of these fun indoor activities;

  • Arts and Crafts

Not only does this activity take little planning, it’s also likely you have many of the materials needed already in your home. If not, head to any supermarket to pick up a few extra bits or head outside – dried leaves are perfect for a collage! YouTube tutorials can be really helpful in giving step by step instructions to help your little one create their very own Autumn or Halloween masterpiece. Hobbycraft also have some great ideas and tutorials on their website

  • Sewing

Guaranteed to keep them busy for a few hours, there are plenty of affordable crochet, tapestry or sewing kits available to buy for children. Here’sa great one to get them started! This is a great one for the grandparents to get involved with too and encourages quality family time!

  • Go to the Cinema

Not only will a good film excite and entertain your children this October, going out to the cinema is particularly exciting (and a great rainy-day activity!) Many cinemas offer special children’s showings that are cheaper. Just make sure you select a film everyone will enjoy!

  • Go to the Theatre

Similarly, a trip out to a local theatre one evening is a big treat and can enlighten and encourage your children to consider what additional activities they may want to be involved in at school. Watching live actors can be really inspiring and exciting to your child and may encourage a new interest.

If we’re lucky enough to have some sunshine and a break from the rain during the October Half Term, there are plenty of outdoor activities that will entertain your children. Check these out;

  • Enjoy the Garden

Outdoor activities doesn’t necessarily mean having to travel. Why not spend some quality time enjoying the garden? There are a variety of things you could do, from outdoor games, to just taking some time to read a book with your children in the sunshine. Leaves from trees can provide endless opportunities for jumping and rolling in and, of course, throwing. The children will love help sweeping up and raking fallen leaves into large piles– it’s great for them being outside – not to mention running around in the fresh air will likely tire them out!

  • Play Dates with Friends

Have your children got school friends with whom they get on well? It might be a good idea to coordinate a play date with the parents of your child’s friend. Not only will this be a great opportunity for your children to further cement their relationships, it will also give you some much needed time to relax. Or perhaps you could spend time building relationships with the other child’s parents?

  • Go on a Day Trip

There are plenty of day trips that have great offers on during the October Half Term. Theme parks, zoos, museums, and activity centres are some great choices. Or perhaps get the whole family together and go and visit a new city or area? Check out Day Out With The Kids – they have some great ideas for family days out!

  • Pumpkin Picking

Get into the Halloween spirit with some pumpkin picking! Lots of these locations also offer hot drinks and snacks – why not make a day of it and make some memories! This is a great way to encourage your children to take an interest in the outdoors, how vegetables are grown and looked after. Not to mention that you can then have fun carving them at home, ready for Halloween!