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Parent skills


The happiest days of your life

A recent survey of parents revealed that the number one concern they have was their children’s academic performance.  They wanted to ensure their children were doing well, achieving good grades and setting themselves up for success in their future careers. All good stuff – but [...]Read more

Developing a love of language

Kids invent new words – and new uses for existing words – confusing their parents and older family members.  Anyone who has seen Gran’s reaction to their favourite grandchild describing something as ‘sick’ – and their confusion – will know what we’re talking about here. It’s not [...]Read more

Collaboration or cheating?

In today’s world of social media, What’sApp, Skype and many more means of communication, children tend to be much more collaborative about how they learn.  It’s not unusual to find your child online talking to their friends about the current homework assignment and sharing their [...]Read more

Why do kids skip going to school?

Students miss school for a wide range of reasons, but a study by the Johns Hopkins University pinpointed three broad categories. The first category identified is because of circumstances or obligations: Illness is the first and foremost reason for non-attendance, including [...]Read more

How’s your relationship with your child?

Whilst children may be young and inexperienced it doesn’t mean they are lesser human beings.  A good relationship with your kids is the utopia for most parents, but the kids aren’t always reading the same book as you – and sometimes developing a good relationship seems [...]Read more

The many faces of a bully

Bullying is no longer confined to the classroom or playground. It can happen anywhere – in or out of school – at any location. It can take place face to face, in a text message, during a phone call or in cyberspace. These types of abuse may have a single label but the catch-all [...]Read more

Planning for your child’s future education

Keeping up with the annual new school uniform hits your bank account right after the summer holiday has already made a serious dent.  The rate at which kids grow can seem to generate endless shopping trips for bigger sizes.  Shoes that only seem to have been worn for a few weeks [...]Read more

How have Parent-Teacher relationships changed?

The importance of strong parent/teacher relationships A strong relationship between parent and teacher is essential to the success of a child’s education. It has always been an influential factor in a good education, although the parent/teacher relationship has changed over time. [...]Read more

Is school fun?

Do your kids find school fun? Are they having fun – or being naughty? This may sometimes appear to be a very fine line – that can be interpreted by parents and teachers differently – but shouldn’t school be fun? A Times Educational Supplement survey reports the top 100 things [...]Read more

Are your kids being programmed for success?

It’s impossible to see into the future (unless you happen to have a really good crystal ball), so who knows what lies ahead for your children? They’ll choose careers – and probably change their career path more than once – you can’t make them follow the career of your choice, but [...]Read more

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