things to do in school hols


Summer learning

It’s the school holidays and the kids are loving being out of school, long summer days and no lessons!  But young brains are curious and if they’re not exercised, boredom kicks in and then you have problems. As a parent it’s time to get sneaky and find fun things to keep the kids [...]Read more

Summer holiday fun

The summer holidays are not far off and there will probably be delight at time off school.  However,  it won’t be long before either the kids complain that they’re bored, or you start to worry that they’re glued to their screens for more hours than is good for them.  It can be a [...]Read more

Learning to ride a bike

A recent study has found that over a third of primary-age children cannot ride a bike!  A worrying statistic, but with the summer here there’s no better time to grab a bike and get out there. Before we go into our tips for learning to ride, we know bikes are an expensive [...]Read more

Healthy, no-sugar baking

We all know sugar isn’t the best thing to include in our diets, but we also like to bake for our family and most children do love a slice of cake.  We’ve put together a great no-sugar bake which passes the taste test, but lessens the sugar guilt. This is one recipe, but the [...]Read more

Fun activities to do for free

Days out with the kids can be expensive. But there’s also a heap of things you can do at home or away, for free.  Here are some ideas. Build a den There are so many ways you can build a den, from draping a sheet over the top of a couple of dining chairs to […]Read more

Keep moving

Woo-hoo it’s the holidays, no more alarm and no more school run.  But, if you’re used to walking, scooting or cycling to school, you can find there’s a large activity hole left to fill in your day. Children need an hour of vigorous exercise every day, ideally more, so how do you [...]Read more

Don’t lose the learning habit

Hooray, it’s the holidays, no more school.  Children are celebrating not having to sit in the classroom all day.  Without the routine of school, who wants to do schoolwork?  You might prefer to give your child a total break, but, six weeks is a long time and getting back into the [...]Read more


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed the current school craze for all things slime.  While the very thought of slime for most parents makes them shudder and thoughts of mess, sticky carpets and glitter explosions is enough to put anyone off it can be an [...]Read more

The reading challenge

If your child is in primary or junior school chances are they’ve been set some form of reading challenge.  While schools try hard to sell the reading challenge as fun and different, let’s be honest, most children just want to spend time with their friends playing in the garden or [...]Read more

Start building a future

The summer is here and the school holidays stretch away ahead of you!  If you’re a parent of teens, what are you going to do with them for six weeks? There’s a case for encouraging them to take up a part-time job – they’ll learn about the working world and earn some cash and [...]Read more

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