If your child is taking GCSEs this year, the panic is likely to be taking hold.  Let’s be honest – even the most diligent of students get nerves at the thought of taking these critical exams. With the Easter holidays the last stop before the exams it’s a great time to sit down with your family and do some planning.  Revising for several subjects needs a proper plan so your child doesn’t get overload stress and knowing where you’re going always reduces the panic levels – a bit. This is why we’ve invested so much time and effort in developing a proper revision pack, specifically for Maths.  It’s one of those subjects that challenges many students, it only takes missing one lesson because of the flu and a concept can become a complete mystery. To complement the usual study options the GSCE Maths Revision PowerPack lets your child choose to tackle their revision in three different ways:
  • Find out where they’re weakest and work on a personal study plan to fill in the gaps
  • Choose a topic and work through all the lessons around that particular concept
  • Start at the beginning and work through from the beginning to ensure they’ve covered everything
Regardless of which exam board your child’s school uses, there are plans for all of them so your child is studying the correct material for those all-important exams.

How are they doing?

Of course, you’re probably nearly as anxious as your teenager, so the programme keeps you in the picture so you can see how they’re doing and offer support and encouragement when needed. Nobody expects you to be a maths genius, so the PowerPack comes with backup!  Our team of teachers is available on a free 0800 number to answer any questions that your child has, so you can rest assured that they aren’t in the dark.  Your role is to make sure they don’t struggle, but pick up the phone and get the answer they need. If your child needs some help to make the grade, the PowerPack is much more focused than typing queries into Google, far less expensive than a private tutor and it’s so easy for both you and your child.  They just log in and get stuck in! Find out more about the GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack here.