Building in success

At this time of year it’s easy to be focused on the festive season and put exam pressure out of your mind, but exams in many schools will start in January – and it’s not far away. Getting into positive habits can never start too soon for children to do well in exams, whether [...]Read more

All work and no play …

It’s exam time and if your children are taking critical exams they’ll probably be in meltdown right about now.  Revision will be taking over their lives. If your teen is diligently beavering away with a mountain of revision material, it can be easy to let them get on with it and [...]Read more

Counting down to 2019 GCSEs

Is your child watching the mounting panic in school as the year above gets ready for their GCSE exams?  It may be more than a year before it becomes their reality, but there’s nothing like starting early to make GCSEs less scary. As a parent you want your kids to do well in their [...]Read more

Next stop GCSEs!

If your child is taking GCSEs this year, the panic is likely to be taking hold.  Let’s be honest – even the most diligent of students get nerves at the thought of taking these critical exams. With the Easter holidays the last stop before the exams it’s a great time to sit down [...]Read more

All change!

They’re trying to confuse everyone – teachers, students, parents – as if we don’t have enough to worry about.  I’m talking about the new grading system for GCSEs. Now numbers are replacing letters so instead of an A* grade being the best possible result a grade 9 replaces that.  [...]Read more

7 ways to improve concentration when studying

With an enforced period in hospital just before second year university exams I had 4 weeks to spend revising. I learned a lot about effective studying, which for someone with a low attention span (sound familiar?) was a real godsend. Because I had little else to do I revised for [...]Read more

Additional time is available for exams

Children with certain difficulties and conditions can apply for additional time to complete exams.  If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, for example, the school can apply for 25% extra time to complete their exam. Clearly it’s not just a case of submitting an [...]Read more

Is your child taking the 11 plus this year?

Although many teachers are unable to provide specialised support for youngsters who want to take the 11 plus, as a parent you can help.  The first step is to understand the kind of questions your child will have to answer.  Take a look at these samples taken from a typical test* [...]Read more

Help your kids get past test nerves

Does your child fall apart when faced with a test or exam?  It’s not unusual for kids who perform well in class and get good grades for homework assignments to find nerves wipe their memory clean of all they’ve learned in a test. There’s no magical cure – and you certainly don’t [...]Read more

Exams – how to help your child prepare

The year-end exams may be a little way off, but the earlier you start the preparation the better your child will be able to perform well. Exams are a serious stress zone – not only for the youngster who has to sit the exam, but also for the parents.  Every parent wants their [...]Read more

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