There’s something that you don’t know until your child starts school – teachers get presents at the end of each year and at Christmas.  And Reception is the statement year for gifts! As with so many things, from first school parties to first school parents’ events, in reception year everything is bigger and better.  After that everyone calms down a bit and other things take priority! So, if you’re struggling for the perfect teacher gift, here are some tips that might help:

Food and drink

Let’s be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a nice bottle of wine, prosecco or a box of chocolates.  But these can be expensive and can feel a bit impersonal.  If you want to personalise the gift, why not get the kids to make their own wrapping paper? Use a sheet of paper large enough to wrap the bottle or box.  Then lay out paper plates and dollop on some poster paint in different colours.  Next get the kids to place their hands in the paint and place handprints all over the paper.  Leave it to dry and finish off by writing their name and age next to each print. If you’re happy to get messy you can do footprints as well.

Hobby gifts

Not all teachers share their private lives at school, but if you do happen to know that your child’s teacher has a hobby, it might be thoughtful to buy something small related to their hobby.

Best teacher

This is one NOT to do.  Avoid buying a ‘best teacher’ gift.  Teachers, like us, have limited space at home and they simply don’t have the room for 30+ best teacher mugs, bears or plaques.  Save the cash and get them something they’ll actually enjoy.

Class presents

Growing in popularity is the class present.  This is actually a great idea, as your amazing teacher actually ends up with something they’ll be truly grateful for.  It takes a bit of organising, but when everyone clubs together you can buy the teacher a voucher for a posh afternoon tea or spa session, or even an experience day, so they can use it, as they wish.


Sadly, one thing that does seem to have been replaced by elaborate gifts, is a card.  A simple thank you card (or letter), written by your child with a lovely message. will often mean more than any gift could.  They’re easy to store and can be kept and treasured. Whatever you get your child’s teacher, they’ll love and treasure, so please don’t feel the pressure to jump on the elaborate gifts bandwagon.