Gone are the days when after school clubs meant the recorder, football or netball. Now you can be a ninja, bounce yourself fit and even try fencing!  

Ninja training  

With independent children’s gyms popping up around the country, it’s easy to find fun gymnasticstyle activities for them to enjoy.  Martial arts clubs also offer children’s classes, as do many leisure centres around the country.  

Independent gymnastic clubs also offer a range of activities and some also include Ninja training.  Check out Google to see what’s available in your area for the next Ninja Warrior UK apprentice!  

Bounce it out  

Trampoline parks have sprung (haha) up around the UK and have taken fitness to a new level.  Not just for fun, half hour bouncing burns calories, uses muscles they didn’t know they had and promotes a strong core, which helps with any sport.  

Most centres run kids only sessions, have fitness classes and even host team events.  Go along as a family one weekend and see what sparks an interest in your child.  


No longer a sport for the elite, LittleMusketeers.co.uk, has brought fencing to schools around the UK, offering children the chance to try out the sport in a safe environment and with safe equipment.  It’s a great sport to help develop handeye coordination, teamwork and patience.  


Now for all ages and genders, golf has really taken off with super sixes games taking place in different counties around the UK.  If your child takes to the sport and is keen, there are opportunities to play most weekends.   

Check out your local golf club to see what they offer for your child’s age range and also see if they offer a free taster session or can come into school and do a talk.  Not only will your child learn a healthy sense of competition, they’ll also learn about perseverance and persistence and see a real sense of accomplishment when they achieve that satisfying moment of a perfect stroke, seeing the ball fly away exactly where they wanted it to go. 

These are just a few clubs that are available, search online to find your local ones.