If your children are taking GCSE exams this summer, then you’ll know the pressure is mounting on them to gain good grades – with maths revision often being a particularly challenging subject for many children and parents alike! You want to help and support as much as possible (without doing the teaching, of course!) and until now that would mean using expensive private tutors, visits to a study centre or one of the huge number of self-help websites available. To help combat this, we are excited to have recently launched our Exemplar GCSE Maths Revision PowerPack– an innovative online revision tool with over 190 targeted maths lessons, that’s highly flexible and has versions fully aligned to each of the major England, Scotland and Wales exam boards, giving you and your family a personalised and targeted revision resource. Our SMART Diagnostic Tool maximises revision time by focusing strictly on lessons that need more work, creating individual personalised study plans that are based solely around each student’s current GCSE maths revision requirements. On completion of the test at the end of each lesson, your child will instantly see their results and if they passithe exam, they are automatically moved onto the next lesson in sequence on their study plan curriculum. As a parent you’re able to view a detailed report within the reports module on exactly what subjects your child is required to be studying, with all results continually updated after each lesson and presented in easy to read formats. As we know how important your role is in helping support your children, we have also included access to UK-based Qualified Teachers, with the support of our 0800 Teacher Helpline – available 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, to ensure no question goes unanswered with their GCSE Maths Revision.Parents and students have direct and unlimited access to our online tutors, simply call or send a question through our ‘ask a tutor’ email system and one of our qualified teachers will send you a reply! If your children feel under pressure with exams looming and are struggling to cope, we love these tips for them from BBC Bitesize on how to deal with exam stress – why not show them to your children and you can discuss them together?
  • Remind yourself that a certain amount of stress is motivation. Use the emotion to improve your performance
  • Talk to friends. They’re there to help. Talking to them will help you realise you’re not alone and they’ll give you support.
  • Talk to your teachers or parents. They will have a different perspective to you. They can help you problem solve and find practical solutions.
  • Take regular breaks and get some fresh air!
  • Revise with friends. This can be great as you keep up your social life and you don’t feel isolated and alone.
  • Practice mindfulness and concentrate on your breathing.
If you’d like to get started, our new pack is available from only £310 (monthly plans are also available). If you’d like more information, visit our website here– you can even get 30 days free!