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Entrepreneurial kids!

Kidpreneurs have been dominating the headlines, with the usual ‘30 under 30’ lists for entrepreneurs now being dropped to the top ‘18 under 18’ to accommodate the ever-growing number of childhood business stars. Shows like Pocket Money Pitch have inspired a younger generation who [...]Read more

Maths in action

Maths is a tricky subject.  Ask most parents and they will say that they are either good or bad at maths.  There’s rarely an in-between and it’s an opinion that can be hugely damaging to children’s own views of their maths capabilities. Schools are now starting to recognise this [...]Read more

Make every exam minute count

When you’re in an exam you only have a fixed length of time, so it’s important to make sure you don’t waste a second! So what’s the secret to getting the most of those precious exam minutes? The answer is PPS – Prepare, Plan, Stick to the plan! Preparation Success in the exam [...]Read more

Can you afford schooling?

Teacher shortages, budget cuts, bigger classes – every news bulletin has another piece of alarming education news.  Whether your children’s school is directly affected or not it’s got to be worrying. There were Academies, which were developed to improve things, but now there’s a [...]Read more

Fit kids

It seems that our kids are exercising less and eating more – and that’s a problem.  It’s not just a case of being overweight at a young age – although that’s definitely something to worry about, but exercise has been proven to aid learning. The Harvard Health blog recently [...]Read more

When the teacher is away …

What happens at your child’s school when a teacher is absent?  Hopefully, a suitably qualified replacement will take over, but few schools have a bank of teachers sitting in the staff room waiting to cover absence. At primary level where one teacher may teach several subjects, [...]Read more

The happiest days of your life

A recent survey of parents revealed that the number one concern they have was their children’s academic performance.  They wanted to ensure their children were doing well, achieving good grades and setting themselves up for success in their future careers. All good stuff – but [...]Read more

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