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Uniforms – without breaking the bank

This is the first of two articles on helping you to make the budget stretch further to kit out your kids for school. There’s no way around it, school uniform is expensive. It’s not just the traditional dress/trousers/skirts and polo shirts; it’s also the cardigans and jumpers [...]Read more


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed the current school craze for all things slime.  While the very thought of slime for most parents makes them shudder and thoughts of mess, sticky carpets and glitter explosions is enough to put anyone off it can be an [...]Read more

The reading challenge

If your child is in primary or junior school chances are they’ve been set some form of reading challenge.  While schools try hard to sell the reading challenge as fun and different, let’s be honest, most children just want to spend time with their friends playing in the garden or [...]Read more

The future of education

Have you ever heard of Professor Sugata Mitra?  You can be forgiven for not knowing about this Professor at Newcastle University – but he has some interesting things to say about education. He’s used some interesting strategies to help children generate learning.  He’s shown [...]Read more

School’s out and exams are done!

It’s the end of the school year and, if your child has been taking external exams, there will be a certain level of euphoria and high spirits. The summer break is ahead and they can forget about school for a few weeks and enjoy their holidays – at least until the exam results are [...]Read more

The Popularity Contest

Every school and every class has students who stand out – not for being the smartest – but for being the ones everyone else wants to be like.  The popular people! What sets one student apart as ‘popular’? The answer is usually self-confidence and that leads to becoming a bit of a [...]Read more

Start building a future

The summer is here and the school holidays stretch away ahead of you!  If you’re a parent of teens, what are you going to do with them for six weeks? There’s a case for encouraging them to take up a part-time job – they’ll learn about the working world and earn some cash and [...]Read more

Summer brings salads

Everyone has heard of the ‘5-a-day’ rule (although the truth is it should be nearer 9-a-day), but have you ever tried convincing a teenager that pizza is not a vegetable and that salads are really yummy? Of course, there are a few teenagers that love salads – and if you eat a [...]Read more

Should kids get part-time jobs?

Surprisingly there are still paper-boys (and girls) who get up really early and earn extra pocket money by delivering daily newspapers around their area.  At one time paper-boys could be as young as 10, especially in rural areas, but now you have to be 13 years old and the pay [...]Read more

Green fingers!

With the Chelsea Flower Show fresh in our memories, it’s a good time to talk about teaching young people about gardening. Some schools have a school garden and sessions where the children are involved in planting and growing a variety of plants.  However, gardening doesn’t seem [...]Read more

Going dotty – Introducing Braille

A guide dog can help a visually impaired person to find their way and get around town and at home, but they cannot read for them. That’s where Braille comes in. Braille is a way of writing any language in a way that visually impaired people can read. Each braille character is [...]Read more

Make every exam minute count

When you’re in an exam you only have a fixed length of time, so it’s important to make sure you don’t waste a second! So what’s the secret to getting the most of those precious exam minutes? The answer is PPS – Prepare, Plan, Stick to the plan! Preparation Success in the exam [...]Read more

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