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How have Parent-Teacher relationships changed?

The importance of strong parent/teacher relationships A strong relationship between parent and teacher is essential to the success of a child’s education. It has always been an influential factor in a good education, although the parent/teacher relationship has changed over time. [...]Read more

What is flexischooling?

Flexischooling is a unique arrangement between the parent and the school in which children are registered at school normally yet only attend part time. The rest of the time the child will be home educated. There is no curriculum that parents must follow when they are educating [...]Read more

Is school fun?

Do your kids find school fun? Are they having fun – or being naughty? This may sometimes appear to be a very fine line – that can be interpreted by parents and teachers differently – but shouldn’t school be fun? A Times Educational Supplement survey reports the top 100 things [...]Read more

Are your kids being programmed for success?

It’s impossible to see into the future (unless you happen to have a really good crystal ball), so who knows what lies ahead for your children? They’ll choose careers – and probably change their career path more than once – you can’t make them follow the career of your choice, but [...]Read more

How to support your child after results day

The waiting is over and those much-anticipated exam results are finally on their way. But for your child this is just the beginning of the next stage of their lives – probably further education or perhaps the first tentative steps into the world of employment. For most [...]Read more

10 low cost and fun holiday activities

If you are looking at six weeks of trying to think of things to do with the kids during the summer break, here are ten ideas A daily dance session: if your family like music, dial up the most upbeat music you can find and get the whole family dancing. A 15-minute boogie session [...]Read more

Mega-study strategies

Exams are gone and there’s a break now before the results come in and there’s either euphoria or gloom to deal with.  The holidays are ahead and social media no longer competes for attention with homework and revision, it’s got free rein. However, it’s a great time to get the [...]Read more

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