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Keep moving

Woo-hoo it’s the holidays, no more alarm and no more school run.  But, if you’re used to walking, scooting or cycling to school, you can find there’s a large activity hole left to fill in your day. Children need an hour of vigorous exercise every day, ideally more, so how do you [...]Read more

Don’t lose the learning habit

Hooray, it’s the holidays, no more school.  Children are celebrating not having to sit in the classroom all day.  Without the routine of school, who wants to do schoolwork?  You might prefer to give your child a total break, but, six weeks is a long time and getting back into the [...]Read more

Suntan Lotion UVA and UVB

Finding the right suntan lotion for your little one can be a minefield.  With so many brands on the market, it’s hard to know what’s going to benefit them and which could cause more problems.  We’ve tried to break it down into some easy to look out for tips. Know your ratings A [...]Read more

Get ahead of the summer holiday

With six weeks of no school, it’s easy to banish all thoughts of next term with a sigh of relief.  But it’s wise to plan ahead a little.  Here are a few tips that will help smooth the way through to the next school year. Get your payments in check With the majority of schools [...]Read more

“Mummy, I can’t sleep”

We’ve had some glorious weather and the kids love playing out in the sunshine, but when it comes to getting a little one to sleep there lies a challenge!  Falling asleep as an adult when it’s hot is hard enough, but little bodies seem to produce even more heat than we do, so how [...]Read more

Time for secondary school

With the summer term now well underway and all the schools nearly at summer holiday time, there’s only few weeks of holiday before the year sixes move up to secondary school. Without question, this is one of the biggest steps your child will make, so how can you make it as easy [...]Read more

Fun with maths and science

If you follow our Facebook page @exemplareducation you’ll see that we share several great maths and science experiments that are bound to get your child interested. Here are some great examples to try at home that won’t cost the earth, but will make learning fun. Fraction museums [...]Read more

Ready for a reading challenge?

To encourage children to read more frequently, many schools are setting children reading challenges. This offers children the chance to win a prize if they manage to read every day for a month and have their sheet signed by their parent or carer.  If your school hasn’t [...]Read more

Can you afford a summer holiday?

Family holidays are expensive at any time of the year, but none more so than in the six weeks summer holiday.  Travel companies know this is the busiest time of the year, so prices rise.  For most families, this can make a break away in the summer impossible. Help is at hand; [...]Read more

Easy and healthy summer meals

The sun is trying to shine and the warmer weather makes eating healthier that little bit easier.  There’s more selection in the supermarkets, kid-friendly fruit and veg are in season and you’re less inclined to reach for the warm comfort food. Here are three great, healthy, fruit [...]Read more

The balance of perfection

Spend a few minutes trawling Instagram or Facebook and we’re pretty sure you’ll come across several #soblessed #perfectfamily or #makingmemories posts, all creating a picture-perfect existence of family life.  However, look a little deeper, meet the people in the photos and we’re [...]Read more

Entrepreneurial kids!

Kidpreneurs have been dominating the headlines, with the usual ‘30 under 30’ lists for entrepreneurs now being dropped to the top ‘18 under 18’ to accommodate the ever-growing number of childhood business stars. Shows like Pocket Money Pitch have inspired a younger generation who [...]Read more

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