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Screen time for children

As a parent, how much ‘screen time’ your children should be exposed to is something that is always a consideration – in a world where TVs, phones, laptops and iPads are common in most homes. So what’s the official advice? The World Health Organisation says that 3 – 4 year olds [...]Read more

Tablet use

Tablets are pretty much a standard part of parenting life. Nearly every mummy blog will mention the electronic babysitting devices; they’re a permanent fixture on many restaurant tables and can be an endless battle at home. So how much screen time is too much and how do you make [...]Read more

Internet safety for your family

You may see it as a blessing or a curse, but the internet now dominates pretty much everything we do. Need an answer to a question, Google it. Want to know what’s on at the weekend, check Facebook Want to follow the latest TV show, check Instagram. We now live in an instant [...]Read more

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