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Maths Tuition In Reading, Berkshire

Whether catching up or getting ahead, going back to cover some gaps in earlier work, help with homework, or simply preparing for examinations, Exemplar maths programmes will provide effective tuition for all the children in your family, regardless of ability level or learning style.

Exemplar programmes are a combination of online video lessons, activities and tests, breaking down the curriculum into small bite sized lessons, to ensure children understand the concepts before moving on to the next lesson.

All our programmes apply the methods used in schools today and we provide versions that are 100% aligned to both the UK National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, providing your children and family with personalised tools for success whether sitting KS1, KS2, KS3, GSCE or A-Level maths.

Identify your children’s strengths and weaknesses in Maths

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Exemplar’s unique initial assessment process identifies each child’s current ability level, based on what they actually know and don’t know, rather than their age. From this, their own responsive Personal Study Plan is created, tailored to meet their individual needs

Work Sheets

Lessons also have supporting worksheets, to further consolidate the teaching and ensure a complete understanding of each lesson, before moving on to the next

Personalised Study Plan

A Personal Study Plan, starting from each child’s current ability level, structured to ensure early success and build their confidence from the start. Our online learning system reassesses their knowledge after each lesson and adjusts their Personal Study Plan


Exemplar is supported by a complete reporting system, for both students and parents, so that activities completed can be seen at a glance and progress easily monitored for each child in the family

Learning at Their Own Pace

Exemplar uses short online videos to teach each lesson, accessed from the comfort of home. A virtual teacher in your home, 7 days a week, to explain and re-explain each step of the learning. Few parents can afford this level of on demand support from a private tutor

Teacher Support

Access to Qualified Teachers on a Freephone helpline, with a secure online classroom. It’s available 52 weeks a year, weekday evenings from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturday mornings

Your Choice… Your Family’s Home… Your Children’s Pace

For Parents

Find out more about how your child can develop their strengths in Maths & English.

For Students

Find out how this could be your secret weapon to be cool with classwork, at your place, at your pace.

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The very best in home-based maths tuition to build your child’s confidence and competence.


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