The Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

According to the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ website

The Curriculum for Excellence sets out ‘Guidance on how and what children and young people learn from the early years to the end of S3 is presented through experiences and outcomes’ and ‘includes all of the experiences which are planned for children and young people’.

Who does the Curriculum for Excellence apply to?

‘Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18.’

What will be taught?

The Curriculum for Excellence includes all of the experiences which are planned for children and young people. A full set of experiences and outcomes are set out outlining what should be covered in each subject area.

What are the ‘expected’ levels of achievement?

The experiences and outcomes under Curriculum for Excellence are written at five levels, with progression to qualifications described under the senior phase.

Level Achieved by ..
Early The end of pre-school years and P1 (or later for some).
First The end of P4 (but earlier or later for some).
Second The end of P7 (but earlier or later for some).
Third and Fourth S1 to S3, but earlier for some. The fourth level broadly equates to Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 4. The fourth level experiences and outcomes are intended to provide possibilities for choice and young people’s programmes will not include all of the fourth level outcomes.
Senior phase S4 to S6, and college or other means of study.